Article : Semporna

One of the islands   - photo courtesy of Henry KY Chin

Article by Phyllis Chin, as appeared in LifeAndStyle online magazine.  There it was, this familiar sight. Having been away from Sabah for almost 10 years, I had to reconnect with its familiar silhouette, its every rise and fall. As we reached a vantage point near Ranau, Mt. Kinabalu looms large and intimidating in front of me, […]

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Article : Mari-Mari Cultural Village

Bamboo cooking

Article by Phyllis Chin, as appeared in LifeAndStyle online magazine. All text and photos are property of Phyllis Chin.  As a local living in Sabah and exposed to the Sabahan way of life, my perception of Sabah is perhaps very different compared to the cultures and customs served up on the tourists’ silver plate. When […]

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Taman Yarl Bungalow, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Timber roof truss

4000 sq.ft house in a very tight site in Taman Yarl, which is a well-established, sort of old-school neighbourhood in KL. First time that we’ve used the off-form concrete wall, which was quite the experience and took a bit of convincing of the client. The best bit about the house is the assortment of timber we’ve […]

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