PAM Sabah Graduates Archinite #3 on 26th August 2016 – How to rebel against architecture, and how social media shapes our built environment

It’s an exciting time for architecture right now.

As part of its roster for the year, the graduates held a movie night and showed a mashup of several videos showcasing Vo Trong Nghia ( already one of my favourites ), Frank Gehry ( I remember a time when I was such a fan I hoofed it to Bilbao Museum in 2001 just to watch the sunset changing colours on its skin ), Bjarke Ingels ( of BIG and starchitect of recent times ) and Marc Kushner.

I was especially riveted by ‘Rebel Architecture’ which interviews Vietnamese architect, a very humble Vo Trong Nghia. At one point in the clip, he drew laughter in our roomful of architects when he declared, almost defeatedly, that ‘being an architect is not easy’.


Marc Kushner’s TED Talk on ‘Why The Buildings Of The Future Will Be Shaped By You’ asks important questions. They are questions I have often thought of when questioning the role of how media, especially social media, shapes the way we engage with our built environment. Is everyone now an architectural and art critic? How important is the voice of the public and how does it change the way architects design?

Bjarke Ingels’ segment talked about social spaces in Copenhagen, where his practice is based. The fella’s much celebrated in recent years so he’s on to something. However, having just come back from super-populated GuangZhou last weekend, and feeling somewhat in a ‘disconnected’ and ‘disembodied’ state of funk just before I went to the screening; big ass structures and flashy manipulation of forms didn’t quite resonate with me. The guy’s got charisma til Kingdom come though, probably aced all his crits in school:-)

Frank Gehry’s segment was short but provided the comic relief to the rest because it was in the form of The Simpsons.

I had a great time connecting with my peers. It was like being back at the Unibar, what with the beer and pizza 🙂

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