Hello world!

Welcome to Phyllisophy.net. It’s been a while since this website has been updated from the previous business site. Much of the last website required coding and I’ve found that, while it is great to have learnt the ins and outs of website-building through starting from scratch, the journey of learning how to code again in order to update the site after a long hiatus was somewhat lacking in joy for me. Frankly, it was quite boring.

So am returning to basics by keeping it simple this time. Black + white background is always a design staple, no? And less business talk this time. Let’s get back to the core of what excites. Will be sharing posts and photographs of my processing our built environment, nature and other life constructs.

But why, you ask, do you need to read my blog?

You don’t:-) This website is really for my own sanity. I find that writing is cathartic to me, so I’ve decided that that is what I will do:-)

Onwards and upwards!

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