Fusion Maia Da Nang Resort, Vietnam

When one is invited to stay at Fusion Maia Resort in Da Nang, Vietnam, Asia’s first all spa-inclusive resort, the only real question is: When?

This September was my reply. It was a no-brainer I suppose, only issue was just logistics and timing. Part of what enticed me was its very high rating on TripAdvisor but really, nothing gets me like a picture of very flexible people doing yoga on their website. That’s my Achilles Heel:-)

I didn’t really need a lot of convincing anyway, since I’m intrigued by Fusion Maia’s fresh concept and approach to ‘indulgent luxury’. Their website had touted: ‘a harmonious fusion of healthy living and indulging luxuries’. 

It’s all about the feels here.There’s a reason their most popular Instagram hashtag is #fusionfeeling. They go out of their way in making you feel comfortable, relaxed and healthy here. A maximum of 2 spa sessions everyday is what they ask of you, as well as yoga, taichi and breathing exercises that revolved around daily themes.

Part of that zen-like feeling you get when you walk in here is thanks to the interiors of the buildings. It’s a look and theme that is smartly branded and carried throughout the whole establishment. Soft shades of yellow, pink, mauve and turquoise are present in everything from linen napkins to beach cabanas and towels.

Five Dining Room
Five Dining Room

The resort has 2 restaurants. Five, for more serious dining, and Fresh, a cafe just next to the main pool. From the breakfast spread ( always my favourite meal! ) with their own mixed ground nuts and sprinkles, to the a la-carte menu with fresh seafood and salads,  I now understand why they needed to cram so much physical activities here. I needed it after all that food!

The extensive spa menu got me excited and plotting what to try next. Apart from the usual aromatherapy, the spa mixes its own scrubs and had Reiki, Crystal and Energy Healing too. My only regret was missing some of my sessions because I failed to book in advance for some days. But I was kneaded well and truly on the days that I made it and finally had the chance to fulfil my personal curiosity to try Crystal Healing. My favourite therapy was the surprisingly effective Bamboo Roll-Out, the therapist was really going at the knots in my legs!

Open Reception Area
Open Reception Area

I stayed in a private villa with a bathroom as big as the bedroom ( and no bathroom door! ). A private 12′ x 18′ private pool beckoned me everyday. This was undoubtedly my favourite part, it was such a welcome luxury to just be able to jump in when I get home after hiking for a few hours at Marble Mountain. Swimsuit is optional! 🙂

Pool Goals
Pool Goals

I went to Fusion fully intending to partake in the most pervasive Summer 2016 trend, the giant pool inflatable. A unicorn, no less. Alas. Oh well.

What I liked best:
All villas, with their own private pool.
Every villa has its own butler/concierge, called the Fusionistas.
Breakfast anywhere and anytime during the day, be it in your villa or the beach. Even in the pool (!).
The resort fronts a quiet stretch of MyKhe Beach, so it is always accessible if you grow tired of the main infinity pool.
Certified yoga instructors leading the yoga classes.
A lot of attention to details. Service is ridiculously efficient and always offered with a smile.

What might I not be a fan of?
Might be a tad bit too ‘themed’ 🙂 The wellness industry has gotten such traction in recent years that I’m a little wary of it. ie: Daily massage oils based on the 7 main chakra system might be kind of reductionist IMO?

Not faulting them though. If the ultimate intention was to just have a bit of down time and relax, then that was certainly what happens at the Fusion Maia Resort Da Nang.

As Matt Simons sings:

There’s a place I go to
Where no one knows me
If I breathe real slowly

I let it out and let it in

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