BAF2016 visits University Malaysia Sabah (UMS)

The 4 of us from BAF2016’s Team Sculpture and Team Walkability Workshop visited UMS ( University Malaysia Sabah ) today to speak to Dr. Umin from the Faculty of Humanities, Arts and Heritage with the intention to introduce the modules to him.

Faculty of Humanities, Arts and Heritage at University Malaysia Sabah
Faculty of Humanities, Arts and Heritage at University Malaysia Sabah

What started as an introductory meeting turned into an impromptu briefing session with 100 or so of the faculty’s students so Patrick, Kenneth, Irving and I found ourselves stepping up to the podium! We banged out an informal, fun but informative session using lots of imagination and Google images.

It was my first time in a public-speaking role since my one-time ( and never attempted again ) foray to a Toastmaster’s meeting. It turned out to be a very interactive session with the students and I’m so proud of our teams. Thanks guys!

Showing some ideas of cardboard sculptures
Showing some ideas of cardboard furniture

The students mainly consisted of students from the Visual Arts programme and they didn’t miss a beat; asking relevant questions and grilling us about our expectations. It’s encouraging to feel their excitement about the opportunity to put their talents to the test. We hope to see a good many of their participation that could bring new ideas and energy to Borneo Architecture Festival and Sabah Art Gallery this year.

Gigantic metal ants?!
Gigantic metal ants?!

We were also brought on a tour around the faculty by Dr. Umin, and we were completely blown away by the display of the students’ quality work. They were detailed and abstract. You could tell the time and sweat that went into it.

Batik mask
Batik mask

I love the welded metal steampunk sculptures and fell in love with how 3D they project. They would be perfect as gallery pieces, or a standout piece at a commercial space or home. In fact, if anyone would like to commission a piece whether be-spoked or ready-made, do let me know and I’ll hook you up with the artists. I think talent like these shouldn’t go un-noticed.

We are told that the university plans to hold introductory workshops and open houses to some of their sculpture courses. It sounded like a lot of fun, maybe we could end up being the students instead in the future!

Note: Registration deadline for the Sculpture Competition has been extended to 10th September 2016. For more information and to download the registration form, click here.

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